Posted by: thesumpners | May 18, 2012

Here we go

Taxi arrived at 05.30 and whisked us up to Heathrow. Arrived in roughly one hour so a great run through. On preparation for Canada we started the day with Eggs Benny. The plane was around an hour late taking off. The plane was a Boeing 777 and we were lucky enough to have a centre section of three seats to ourselves. Result! The flight flew by (!). Watched several films – notably We Bought a Zoo which was a triple tears inducer. Also Melancholia – hmm. MI – Ghost Protocol was Paul’s choice. Along with The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. Had a “situation” with guy behind who took umbrage when I had the audacity to recline my chair, but otherwise had a great flight. Immigration was swift and smooth. Well done Canada. Imagine my surprise when a flash went off as we entered arrivals? None other than my old buddy Sue Bates, who came to meet us as a surprise. Lovely! Will see more of her tomorrow. It’s now 04.50 in the UK, which means it’s nearly 9 pm here. We are at the waterside, having taken the Skytrain from downtown Vancouver. Having dinner at the Steamworks Brewery. Our server is from Halifax – and I don’t mean Nova Scotia! Small world eh? Bedtime soon. More tomorrow.



  1. edamame EH !!

    Next stop


  2. Mel: ‘Oooh they look nice’
    Evie: ‘No they don’t’

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